Defense of Self Defense

So you have a gun to survive a lethal attack, do you have the knowledge and skills to survive a trial?  Knowing the legal issues could determine where you get to spend the next 20 years of your life after you have to shoot, and millions of dollars from a lawsuit.  Learn about the judicious use of deadly force so you can sleep in your bed, not a jail cot.

Armed Lifestyle

You’ve decided to carry a gun, now how do you do it?  More importantly, how do you do it so you are prepared to defend yourself?  And most importantly, how do you avoid fights that don’t need to be fought?  Taking this journey is a daunting task, don’t do it alone!  Save countless hours of frustration and hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars by learning the little details that make a real difference.

The Castle

Your home is your sanctuary, but with over 2 million household burglaries every year you need to have a plan if that sanctuary is violated.  Home security systems and cameras are great, but are all those outdoor cameras going to help if the intruder is already inside your home?  Learn about true home security and home defense, create a plan, and keep your sanctuary safe.

Series Courses

These courses are taught in 3-hour or less blocks of instruction and are designed to be taken in order.  All classes after the first one will require a CHL or some other background check / proof of good character to participate.

A Gun, Just In Case

Learn the basics of gun ownership, safe gun handling, and how to go about preparing for a deadly force encounter.

Defensive Handgun Skills

Carrying a pistol makes you no more armed than owning a guitar makes you a musician.  The root word of gunfight isn’t gun — it’s FIGHT!  Using a pistol to save your life from a lethal criminal assault is a demanding skill set that takes proper training and practice to master — a gunfight is a lousy time to learn them!  Learn those skills you will need to survive in a fight for your life.

Defense of Self Defense Class at J&B Firearm Sales

Our next class is Defense of Self Defense Level 1 on March 11th at 1:00 PM at J&B Firearm Sales on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.  To register please contact J&B Firearm Sales by phone at 503-746-8989, email at, or in person at their store front.  Any questions don't hesitate to contact us at PROACT.  We highly recommend bringing note-taking material and water.  The class is approximately three hours.

Live Fire Training

The only way to gain competence with firearms is to train with them.  After you've taken an introductory course, or if you already have your CHL, schedule a live fire training session.

Not sure?

Wondering which course is right for you?  Send us a message and we'll figure out what program best suits your needs.

Personal Consultation

Maximize your training efficiency with a personal consultation.  We start with a free, half-hour phone consultation to determine how we can best suit your personal needs.  We can even come to your home for personalized training!  Use the contact form on the right to get started.

At PROACT our goal is simple:  Offer quality, affordable training that meets the needs of our students.  Our classes are designed to be taught wherever is best for the student, whether that is the classroom or at your home or another location convenient for you!  

NRA Basic Pistol

Learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a handgun.  NRA-approved course.

Introductory Courses

These courses are designed for those who are new to civilian defensive firearm training, or new to firearms in general.

What we offer for you